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Feature by Ads of The World

Ranked one of the best ads in the world by Ads Of The World:

Planet Theta takes dating to a whole new dimension by leveraging the power of virtual reality for the first ever VR Dating App. Users can now immerse themselves in a lifelike virtual environment, where they can meet and interact with potential partners from around the globe. By providing a fully immersive experience, Planet Theta revolutionizes the way people connect and forge meaningful relationships in the digital age.

‘It Was Us’ is an intimate portrayal of a couple’s life together, focusing on the emotional benefits which a technological advancement like this can offer to society. The story embraces both the highs and lows of relationships, and offers a grounded view on love, in contrast to the fantastical unreality of this new technology.

The concept, initially conceived by London based video production company Dragonfly represents a global collaboration of talents and resources. The international production spanned continents, showcasing the collaborative efforts of Dragonfly Video Productions in the UK, And. in South Africa, and FireFlare games in the USA.

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