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Actress acting as Astronaut on Moon

to the stars


We got tired of only seeing white men go to the moon. So we changed the narrative.

Director: Robert dos Santos

Producer: Byron Davis

To The Stars follows the story of a young girl who dreams of being the first woman to walk on the surface of the moon. We watch as this dream first forms in her mind and follow her through her struggles as she makes her way through everything in her path to reach her goals.


- making of -

Group of people standing on a movie set
Film crew video production creating a fake moon set
actress in astronaut outfit standing on fake moon movie set
film crew building a movie set of a fake moon
astronaut actress standing on a film set with film lights and movie equipment in background
African female wearing space suit mask
Child drawing on bed
Young girl having a moment of inspiration
Young African Woman Actress
African woman draws on a chalk board in an empty classroom
Female african astronaut with space mask on
Close up of an actress eyes
Astronaut climbing down onto the moons surface
Astronaut walking on the moons surface
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