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Video Production Crew making fake set of moon landing

Production Services

International Productions in Southern Africa

With experience in production in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Eswatini, Kenya and the surrounding shores we are perfectly poised to provide a production with everything from the ground up.

Video production crew group photo

Our Experience

With a focus on the small details we have built up a reputation in the industry as craftsmen in our trade. With this comes a deep book of local industry talent who can assist in making any dream a reality.

With an additional background in legal services on top of production services you can rest assured that every aspect of your production, from permits to producers, will be taken care of.


Examples of Work

Restonic (USA) - Shot in South Africa

Shot on location in Cape Town at the University of Cape town and in studio at the Cape Town International Convention Center to provide the 1200m2 area of space required we were able to recreate a realistic depiction of the moon in-camera with no need for VFX.

Robert dos Santos Film Set To The Stars
Robert dos Santos directing on film set of fake moon
Group photo of film crew on set
Robert dos Santos Film Set To The Stars

Mercedes (Germany) - Shot in Lesotho

Shutting down over 5km (2.4mi) of road in the monumental Meluthi Mountain range in Lesotho meant two things. Firstly, we had one of the most impressive mountainscapes in the world to ourselves and secondly, that we could get every shot that was required without any breaks or shut downs.

To achieve this feat we were required to take a multi-national team over the border from South Africa into the grandiose Lesotho. A logistical feat which delivers the results and justified the hard work of every dedicated professional on this job.

Film crew fixing camera
Two cowboys and a car
Stunt Horseman for Mercedes-Benz Commercial
Giving directions to Stunt Horseman for Mercedes-Benz Commercial

Planet Theta (USA) - Shot in South Africa

Shooting for Dragonfly in London with clients in Los Angeles meant a production spanning over several continents and several time zones. The result? Perfection.

If the numerous awards and nominations don't convince you that it is, have a watch of the final results for yourself.

Film set

break the

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