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Two people splashing inside a bath



In a future where connections are made online, can we still keep love real?

Director: Robert dos Santos

Producer: Byron Davis

In the future all of our closest connections will be made in virtual reality through the use of VR goggles. What this means for relationships is either the creation of new and beautiful relationships, or the loss of any connection. It Was Us explores what happens when things go just right, and you meet the one you always wanted, in a different space.

- making of -

Director Robert dos Santos on a film set
behind the scenes Robert dos Santos directing BTS
Actress mid scene
DOP Pierre de Villiers BTS
Push in shot on set
Young Woman Wearing VR Goggles
Man in tuxedo wet and smiling
Actress smiling to herself
Man and woman spinning around
Two actors kissing with a sunset background with seagulls flying around
Wedding couple spinning in a circle
Woman looking at VR Goggles


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